Auricular Acupuncture 

Auricular Causative Diagnosis including:

  • Mapping of the Ear and physiological pathways

  • Recognize signs showing on the ear and their significance

  • Analyze the symptom and trace its origin

  • Identify the weakest organ before any symptom appears

  • Recover organ function, treat the symptoms, and prevent illness

  • Integrating acupuncture meridians and auriculotherapy


Addressing the psychological and emotional causes of various pathologies

Auricular Causative Diagnosis consists of finding the primary body system underlying the current symptom, as well as showing the potential organ at risk before any symptoms appear. The mapping of the ear follows the brain homunculus and as such, when an organ undergoes any problem, a signal is emitted to its brain area and then transmitted not only to the corresponding body part, but also to its counterpart on the auricle. The ear will indicate this problem in the form of visual marks.