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Clinic is open for taking new booking.


Telephone/online consultation available

Consultation service including: 

  1. Holistic assisment.

  2. Chinese medical Diagnosis and herbal advice.

  3. Acupuncture points prescription / Acupressure instructions.

  4. A treatment plan

  5. Other wellness suggestions (diet, lifestyle, natural therapy, nutritional medicine etc.)

  6. Continued follow up guidance, (and answers to your questions.)

Price list:

1. Phone call or online consultation from £85

2. Three days service: one phone or video consultattion plus three days email follow up. £270 

3. One Week service: two phone or video consultattion plus seven days email follow up. £550

4.Video consultations for cosmetic acupressure or Qigong meditations 5 sessions. £550

5. Working with the Classpass.

To arrange your online consultation please answer the following 3 questions and send to us by email/ WhatsApp

1. What do you expect to acheive from the consultation?

2.  What is your medical diagnosis- if you have one and treatments?

3. Tell us more about yourself, your health issues and anything you think we should know.

e.g. Include your birth sex, age, height, weight, occupation, all your complaints, treatments you've had for them, and how long you've had these complaints for.

You will receive a response within 24 hours.

Telephone  020 8287 1007 / 077787 22275


Thanks! Message sent.


The Basil Street Practice

3 Basil Street


London SW3 1AU

We can not book new patient at the present. Online service only.

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