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Self Fertility Health Prostate Massage


First, Feng wants to thank the support of Dr. Slava Skrypnyk at the Advanced Canadian Engineering Group. for supplying us the Sonic Medical Massager and all the research data. We have been using this very well designed and clinical research proven products as part of our natural treatment including to help reduce sperm DNA damage and we have had the best results this world has ever recorded!


What the massage can do for you:

  • Will re-awaken your Pelvic-muscles (Kegel) and thereby address ED and many more prostate related issues such as Premature Ejaculation;

  • Will boost your testosterone level without drugs;

  • Will stimulate your thyroid gland in case of hypothyroidism;

  • Will address frequent urination issues;

  • Will help you to urinate, reduce bladder infections and extra weight;

  • Will address hemorrhoids problems.

  • Will prevent your prostate gland from accumulating stones and developing BPH;

  • Will give you a preventative tool against Prostate Cancer.


Two types of massager for men and women to improve blood supply to the reproduction system. it can therefore improve tissue nutrition then the function.

The safety of the massage

Patients are advised to ask your GP for its safety. There are contraindications. e.g. the prostate massage is not suitable for acute prostatitis or prostate cancer patients.

 PEMF Treatment for Enlarged Prostate Erectile Dysfunction.


The PEMF therapy is avaible. We use PEMF to enhance the acupuncture treatment effects.

Causes of Semen Analysis abnomality


  • Semen volume and pH level are an index of seminal vesicle and prostate function.

  • Sperm concentration, motility and morphology are largely determined by testicular function and, to a lesser extent, by post-testicular (eg, pididymal) genital tract function.

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