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Testimonials / Case Reports

Recommendations by doctors

*I have known DR Feng Chao for nearly 20 years having initially worked with her when we were able to offer acupuncture in primary care under fundholding arrangements. Recently she helped my husband recover from a painful prolapsed lumbar disc without resorting to surgery. I have been hugely impressed by the recent advance of painless laser acupuncture and its many uses. Feng is always enthusiastic, kind, thoughtful and professional and I have no hesitation in highly recommending her.*

Dr Penelope Smith General Practitioner SW London

"We are extremely happy with her clinical care, as are our patients who value her highly."
Dr Eithne Brenner, Family Doctor

“Dr Chao has been our family acupuncturist for 22 years. We first went to see her when referred by our GP regarding our son’s migraine, he suffered from migraines since the age of 6 and he also stopped growing for a year. After a course of acupuncture his migraines started to ease and eventually stop and he began to grow again. Now he is 1.8m.“

“I recommend her services to colleagues, friends and family at every opportunity”
Dr. Jo Bernstein, Consultant in elderly care

"My family doctor referred me to Dr Chao over 10 years ago. She has been my acupuncturist since. I recommend you try one of Dr. Chao's unique method: the 24 acupuncture meridian total balancing. I feel very relaxed and absolutely fantastic after the therapy!"

"I am a regular patient of Dr Feng. Always an excellent experience on every occasion. I found her to be a lovely warm, polite and honest lady."

"Dr Feng is highly experienced and professional. She will go out of her way to help you and give you excellent advice on how to improve your well being. One of the best in her field and I would not hesitate to recommend her further!"

"Feng goes way beyond what is expected She listens, offers great advice and treats the whole individual. I have been to Feng on and off for 8 years from infertility, back pain, flu, my kids have been too she is great. You can’t get much better than Feng in my opinion."

Fertility Acupuncture Case Studies

Age 38, tried for two years to become pregnant. After 4 months of acupuncture she fell pregnant but then decided to stop the treatment (it is recommended to continue with treatment until 14 weeks) and suffered a miscarriage. The following year she underwent two IVF treatments alone which both failed. Returned for a further 3 months of acupuncture, fell pregnant and continued with the treatment during the early months and had a healthy son.


Age 36, trying for a second child, first was a natural pregnancy 4 years earlier.  Suffered from severe periods pain, ovarian reserve 0.06, specialist consultant advised that she wouldn't be able to get pregnant by herself and suggested assisted fertility treatment. Had 6 weekly sessions of acupuncture and after only 2 weeks the period pains had reduced by 50%. The following month she fell pregnant. She continued with weekly acupuncture for a further 3 months and gave birth to a daughter.


Age 43, had an FSH level of 70  and was referred by her doctor to the menopause clinic at Queen Charlotte Hospital.  Here periods were regular. Following a course of acupuncture her FSH level went down to 11 and three months later she fell pregnant and went on to deliver a full term healthy son.


Age 37, suffered from severe period pains and had two uterus fibroids, size 18-22mm.  She was advised by a Specialist to have an operation to remove the fibroids as they had grown so quickly in just 6 months and were expected to continue to grow. She started a treatment of acupuncture rather than have the operation and after 10 months the same specialist advised that the fibroids has stopped growing. 6 months later the periods pain stopped completely. She went on to fall pregnant and gave birth to a full term healthy baby.


Acupuncture for IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) – case notes:

Sperm motility improved after 3 unique treatments before the IVF, patient's email:
"His sperm motility was 90%, which was fantastic and amazing. Going from 28% to 90%!!! so they were actually able to try the ivf and not icsi."


Patient’s letter following repeated unsuccessful attempts

"Dear Feng,

It worked - I am pregnant! We are so thrilled (although obviously we know that it's still very early days) and both Charlie & I wanted to thank you so, so much for all your support. None of this would have been possible without your treatment getting us to the right place.

The ARGC are checking my HCG and progesterone levels every 2-3 days to make sure that everything is going in the right direction (progesterone was low to begin with but they have given me extra and all is well at the moment).

Thank you so much again." She gave birth to a healthy baby boy.


Jean (aged 40) was a professional lady following five unsuccessful IVF treatments. She was about to try again, and was extremely nervous. She had not previously has acupuncture in conjunction with IVF. She had acupuncture treatments for a month and also before and after the sixth IVF, she conceived successfully. She and her partner, who had previously lived in separate houses during the previous two years, decided to live together, and were settled and happy.


Mary (aged 28) was a happily married lady, but both she and her husband wished to start a family. For reasons, which no-one could understand, she could not conceive. Having endured six failures with IVF, with a friend for moral support she finally decided to seek help with a course of acupuncture. After two months of acupuncture, complemented by infusions of Chinese medicine, with great emotion, she one day reported that she was pregnant. She remained concerned about the possibility of miscarriage, and was able to be reassured that this was neither less nor more likely than for any other pregnancy.

Two months into the pregnancy, Mary experienced mild bleeding, which had plainly been brought on by overwork in relation to her family and commitments to friends. She had not at that time told anyone that she was pregnant. A treatment of acupuncture stopped the bleeding, but she also agreed on the paramount importance of easing up; others would have to manage without her. A further complication lay in the fact that she was a mild epileptic. With acupuncture symptoms of epilepsy were reduced, and medication could also be scaled back to a minimum during the remainder of her pregnancy. Mary gave birth to a healthy baby boy.


Clinical note: As a general rule for obstetric cases, women under 30 years of age need acupuncture treatment at least once a week for a period of three months. This period of treatment doubles after the age of 30. Depending on the problems, women with uterine fibroids may need between 7 – 12 months of continual treatment. Men with poor fertility will usually achieve an increase in both sperm quality and quantity with two months; in their cases, acupuncture and/or laser acupuncture will be required twice a week.

For blocked tube patients, multichannel laser with/without needle acupuncture is preferable to needle acupuncture alone.


Acupuncture for Clomiphene treatment patient


Heather (aged 30) and her husband (aged 34) had been trying for a baby for 18 months. Heather had PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), and was about to embark on a fifth course of Clomiphene Citrate. An earlier pregnancy seven months previously, also initiated with a course of Clomiphene Citrate, had ended with a miscarriage after nine weeks. Both Heather and Mark began a course of acupuncture. Four weeks later Heather conceived. The pregnancy went smoothly to term. She wrote as follows:


“Dear Feng,

Apologies for not getting in touch sooner, but I am delighted to inform you that I gave birth to a lovely baby boy 3 months ago. He is absolutely amazing and has been keeping me very busy for the last 12 weeks, hence the delay in me e-mailing you.

Thank you so much for all your help – your course of acupuncture worked wonders.”

Comment: Acupuncture does not interfere with standard conventional treatments, but complements them.


Severe period pains (primary dysmenorrhoea)

Over the course of the past ten years, many patients have sought help for acute primary period pains, often described as being similar to labour pains. Emergency visits to hospital are of little value, and often the condition leads to days being missed at work. To date, all patients treated with acupuncture have had to condition brought under control. Treatment lasts for two or three months on a weekly basis, and involves a mix of acupuncture and Chinese medicines.

Women with a combination of fertility problems and severe period pains benefit greatly from acupuncture, which also enhances chances of conception.


Polycystic Ovary


Research has demonstrated that both acupuncture and electrical acupuncture are helpful in the treat of polycystic ovary.

Case study: From scans and blood tests a 25 year old student was diagnosed with polycystic ovary.. Her periods had ceased for twelve months prior to her first consultation. Following three months of acupuncture and herbal infusions, a fresh scan revealed only a small cyst on one side of the ovary, with none on the other. Her periods had recommenced. Ten months later menstruation was still normal. The scans were carried out at the Lister Hospital.


Uterine fibroids


Clinical reports from China on the use of acupuncture for the treatment of uterine fibroids have been encouraging. From two studies (n=346 and n=135,) an overall effective rate of 95% has been reported. Our own experience suggests that fibroids of less than one centimetre can disappear entirely. Fast growing fibroids up to about 2.5 cms will stop growing after three months of acupuncture. Where surgery is needed, its combination with acupuncture is believed to yield a better prognosis than surgery alone.

Paediatric pain free acupuncture testimonials

“Our son aged 6 was disabled due to congenital developmental problems and had several operations on his foot. More operations were suggested to correct the S shape deformed spine. He was wheelchair bound and was diagnosed with learning difficulties and so in a sepcial class at school. His weight was very low, like a 3 year old, he tired easily and had no appetite. The acupuncture treatment was very effective from the beginning. Within 6 months, his body weight became normal, the deformed spine started to straighten, the muscles were developing normally. His arms were now strong enough to support him and he was able to go upstairs by himself. He can stand up a bit and also is now in a normal school class!

Reviews from the ClassPass:

Chakras Acupuncture Therapy with Dr.

It was amazing, honestly one of the best experiences I’ve had. I also felt incredibly peaceful after, this effect has lasted. I will 100% be back 😊

Pain Control with Dr.

Dr. Feng Chao is an extraordinarily knowledgeable Doctor. She spends time really getting to know her patients and is well versed in cutting edge medicine. She is a true diagnostician and uses acupuncture to complement conventional Western medicine


Acupuncture with Dr.

She was extremely welcoming and gave me tips and advice for how to take care yourself!

Acupuncture with Dr.

This was not only a great treatment but a very educational one - I will be back as often as possible!

Well Woman Holistic Acupuncture with Dr. Chao

Dr Feng Chao was so knowledgable and made me totally relaxed for my first acupuncture experience! Amazing!

Well Woman Holistic Acupuncture

This was an incredible experience. Dr Feng is so warm and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to go back!


This was just phenomenal - Dr Feng is just incredible, the most welcoming and knowledgeable of professionals. Highly recommend!!

More Testimonials...

"I came away from your office yesterday with a sense of calm, the type of which I had not experienced for a long time, well, since we last met. I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for what you have done for me. Your knowledge of acupuncture and medicine is outstanding. I could sit and listen to you for hours, so fascinating."

"Your relaxation treatment puts me into deep relaxation, it is a Acupuncture Holiday!"


“I was able to stop smoking (40 cigarettes daily for 30 years) completely and never had a bad temper, much to the relief of my family.” 


​“After six failed attempts of IVF, I am pleased that I am now pregnant and have our baby naturally!” 


"At the age of 43 I was told that I had started the menopause so gave up all hope of having a baby, I now have a healthy baby boy."

"The acupuncture has been making me feel very well and energetic!"


“I have been hooked on chocolate for 11 years. After only one treatment I now no long have a craving.” 


“My eyesight has improved 100%.” 

“Our daughter has autism and suffered from nightmares every day for a month. After just two treatments the nightmares stopped.

You are a miracle worker!! I feel happier and more energised today. That treatment clearly worked.

Acupuncture in London Kingston, harley street and knightsbridge. the best acupuncturist in london, chinese acupuncturist in lonson

AF and Heart Failure clinically fully recovery

A 67 year old had AF with heart failure. Planned to have a pacemaker fitted. He was too weak to go through the operation and so started a course of acupuncture. After 19 weeks of treatment he was symptom free and feeling completely normal again. He stopped taking all the heart disease medication except warfarin and no longer required a pacemaker to be fitted.


3D vision recovery

A 25 year old lady recently experienced a vision change: “when I look in front of me, it is normal, when I turn my head to one side, although I know it should be a three dimensional view but I can only see flat view. My GP thinks it is all in my mind, implying I am mad.” My diagnosis was the circulation to the brain has been disturbed as she had the same problem for a month ten years ago after an upper back massage. With this diagnosis, acupuncture points on the legs which can increase back of the head blood supply was used. When the lady got up from treatment couch the symptoms had gone. 


Chemotherapy support

A 70 year old cancer patient who had just undergone chemotherapy was suffering with very low energy and was unable to sleep. He underwent a course of treatment with the blue laser under the tongue.  His energy levels went up, he felt much better and was able to sleep.


Individualized plan for hayfever

A 38 year old suffered from hayfever for years and underwent standard acupuncture which only made it better for one day after each treatment. We then realised that he was showing symptoms of IBS and so changed the treatment plan to focus on this instead. He has been completely symptom free after a course of intensive acupuncture. In Chinese medicine theory, hay fever is the weakness of lung, with the lung and large intestine being linked. By treating the IBS (large intestine) this stopped the hay fever symptoms.

Acupuncture helping Heart failure patient

Derek (aged 54) was referred to me by his family doctor for backache. During treatment he revealed that, although comparatively young, he was waiting for a heart transplant as a result of ischemic heart disease (lack of blood supply in the heart). He was wheel chair bound, and almost totally dependent on his wife. He agreed to a course of acupuncture, which research in China had shown to be effective in enhancing coronary blood supply. With the agreement and support of his GP, Derek received acupuncture both for his back as well as his heart condition. Acupuncture sessions took place on a weekly basis.

Derek gained strength and increasing independence to the point of once again being able to enjoy cooking for himself. Four months after commencement of the treatment, this even caused a stir in the local supermarket, where people he knew expressed surprise and pleasure to see him out of a wheel chair. He recounted this with pride and a broad smile. Because he now felt so well, he even queried with his heart specialist the need for an operation. Unfortunately, his heart had already suffered irreparable damage, so the transplant continued to be necessary. As it transpired, Derek was the only patient to be kept on his original waiting list, all the others having been discharged as they were simply too weak to survive the operation. His wife firmly believed that he too would not have survived without the acupuncture treatment.

Four months later Derek received a new heart.


Asthma control

Denise (aged 36) had been suffering from asthma for five years. Following an acute attack, she had been admitted to hospital on an emergency basis which, however, had no benefits. Following this episode, she began a course of acupuncture, which provided rapid relief. She reported that symptoms eased after only ten minutes, and that acupuncture would henceforth remain her treatment of choice.

Comment: Medical research has confirmed that acupuncture can control acute asthma attacks. Dr. Chao also reports that over 95% of her asthma patients find acupuncture helpful within twenty minutes of needle insertion. That said, it is also clear that conventional treatment in hospital or in general practice surgeries remains valuable, in particular for the treatment of acute episodes. Being itself easy and safe, it is, of course, helpful that acupuncture can be deployed as an additional treatment.


Tennis elbow (patient’s letter)

Before I attended Dr Chao’s acupuncture clinic I was in despair. Having had a sporting life playing golf and tennis on a regular basis and to a good standard. I found that due to injury I was unable to play either, infect I couldn’t lift a golf club without great pain.

My path to your clinic was a long one, having had two unsuccessful cortisone injections from my GP. I then visited a physiotherapist specialising in tennis injuries. Following in unsuccessful six weekly course I noticed the Crystal Palace Sport Injuries Clinic but again the result was unsuccessful. I was recommended an Osteopath and then a Chiropractitioner but after a succession of treatment neither was beneficial and I found myself at a large Indoor Tennis Centre Sports Therapy Department where after six sessions she suggested second opinion. At this stage, being desperate for exercise I had started to use my left arm for almost everything and had heart to play darts and play tennis but unfortunately after a months this arm started to give me problems, I could now no longer lift a pint of beer in either hand and it was in this condition that I saw another Sport Therapist for the second opinions. Somewhat reluctantly, he agreed to treat me suggesting that treatment on the left arm first might at least enable me to start playing golf again, by now I had became quite depressed, not playing league tennis for over a year, playing golf off an 8 handicap was a compensation, but this stopped without the use of the left arm.

My first visit to this Sports Therapist was on the Saturday on the Monday I had treatment from Dr. Chao, on Wednesday I again saw the Sports Therapist who was astonished at the improvement in both arms. He stated and these words of his stack in my mind. “Its incredible, on the Saturday when I saw you, you were semi disabled and now you’ve got all this movement in both arms, it can’t be just me because I only worked on your left arm.”

My visits to the Sports Therapist stopped shortly afterwards and he was so impressed by my treatment that he wanted Dr Chao’s clinic address for referrals.

Dr. Chao treated me for a few weeks and I am happy to say that both arms are fully recovered and I am playing tennis four times per week for my club once again.


Michael had a total of four treatments. The following year, he reported that he was now able to play tennis four times a week, and had won a recent club competition.

Pain control – rheumatoid arthritis

Peter [age36] became wheel chair bound after suffering with rheumatoid arthritis for four years. Although he had been taking different combinations of pain killers, none was effective. When his doctor recommended reverting to the first regime of pills, he became despondent, and decided to seek an alternative therapy. Following a brief course of acupuncture, he was able to stand again without pain, and was even able to walk again.

Acupuncture for ME (patient’s letter)

Dear Dr Chao,

This is just a note to thank you for your treatments and to let you know how things are progressing with me.

As you are aware this time last year I was at the worst point of a distressing post viral fatigue syndrome when I could scarcely get out of bed for more than a couple of hours a day for nearly 2 months. This for a very active person was very frightening.

I slowly started to recover but reached a plateau beyond which I seemed unable to improve which fell a long way short of my normal potentially marathon fit status. Your acupuncture soon began to address the various symptoms which included cramps, muscle fatigue, insomnia and panic attacks, all of which (except for occasional insomnia) seem to be behind me.

Indeed I have now started playing tennis regularly and am even considering training again for another marathon although this may be too ambitions at this stage. I also feel that I am back in control of my life and have the confidence to travel and work again. I am about to go walking in the Alps for 10 days, and in October I intend a visit to New England and then to Quingdao for a wedding.

I feel that your intervention has helped considerably to facilitate my recovery, and as someone who had a sceptical western scientific upbringing: well I am now much more open minded.


Many thanks and best wishes.



Thyroid nodules – patient’s letter

“After being diagnosed with thyroid nodules, the surgeon to whom I had been referred, recommended a partial thyroidectomy. My daughter who has great faith in acupuncture, suggested that I try that first. I started going regularly to Dr Chao for treatment. After several months I returned to the hospital for a further ultrasound test and the radiologist found that a particular, rather hard nodule had shrunk noticeably. When the surgeon saw these results, he decided that it was not necessary to have an operation after all. I was only too delighted and still see Dr Chao from time to time, to keep the troublesome nodules under control.”


IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and uterine fibroids

Fiona (aged 28) was a an actress. She had been married for two years, but had failed to conceive. IBS pain during ovulation made sex unpleasant. After a single acupuncture treatment, the pain ceased. She wrote:

Dear Feng,

It’s wonderful for someone to be talking about me and "my baby"! I haven't really told anyone yet besides you and my husband so it feels like lovely, fun secret!

I wanted to write to you and say how happy and grateful I am for your amazing healing hands! Its staggering that we only had one session, but straight away I knew that it was because of you when I found out that I was pregnant. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy you've brought my husband and me. Its impossible to put into words. I love coming to your sessions, your keenness to learn and work things out make you such an outstanding, caring doctor - a rare thing these days. You are my sweet blessing.

All the best with your practice and your family, I'll keep you posted about how things progress.

Lots of Love,



Painful tongue

Johnson came complaining of a painful tongue, which had troubled him for three years. He was otherwise a healthy university student. He reported having received acupuncture on half a dozen occasions in the past, but these had not helped. Treatment of this condition was new to Dr. Chao, and it was decided to use different acupuncture points to those previously chosen. A week after the first session, he reported that the pain had noticeably improved, and this steady improvement continued to the point at which he was able to dispense with pain killers. However, when study and exam commitments prevented him receiving regular treatments, the condition worsened, in particular during protracted speech. This made social life difficult, and interfered with friendships. As a result, for a further four months, he continued to receive treatment, which resulted in a cure, which was still in evidence one year later, and he has not returned for further sessions

One in a Million- Parkinson's syndrome

Some time ago, the television programme ‘One in a Million’ featured a sufferer from Parkinson’s syndrome, a nervous disorder characterised by uncontrollable shaking and lack of co-ordination, which could affect all movement, including walking. This particular sufferer had experienced an apparently remarkable improvement following a shock he had received during a thunder storm. This suggested to me that electrical acupuncture might provide a useful technique for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

A few months later a gentleman came to my clinic with Parkinson’s disease. He agreed to be treated with electrical acupuncture. The results for both of us were immensely encouraging – in fact, it is fair to say, amazing! Within four months his symptoms had subsided to a point at which he was once again able to dance. With a broad smile, he demonstrated this at his last visit to the clinic.

P.S. we now use medlouxx together with acupuncture treatment. the medlouxx  treatment alone has been shown can give patient extra many years to live.

Covid-19 support

"I had Covid-19 6 months ago, which left my body consumed by pain and fatigue. I have been unable to go back to my normal life and have been very depressed. I'm very lucky to have found Dr Chao, after a few treatments with her, my pain has stopped completely. I sleep better and have more energy. I am very happy for the amazing results!"​

"I had Covid-19 like symptoms, such as a dry cough and fever, after traveling. I was very scared and immediately got in touch with Dr Chao, our family acupuncturist. Following her instruction and support, all my symptoms went away within 24 hours!"

To find out how we can help you, feel free to call us.
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