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The key for providing effective acupuncture treatment is that the acupuncturist is experienced in using Chinese medicine theory for diagnosis.


It is important to develop an individualized treatment plan. Most of the time patients may have the same symptoms but the causes are different. It is therefore necessary to focus the treatment on different areas. For example, two patients suffer from headaches, one may require the treatment to focus on the head, the other may require the feet to be treated.  


If the treatment is based only on a set formula to treat conditions then it will be unable to identify the true cause and the results will be unsatisfactory.


Feng works side by side with family doctors and specialists to make Chinese medicine and western medicine work hand in hand, together with high tech natural therapies, the treatment is much safer and the results are often significantly better than by just using one approach.


Needle acupuncture is virtually painless. A session of treatment varies from 20 to 60 minutes. It can produce rapid results but more often it requires a number of treatments over a period of time.


Over the last 40 years, the pain free laser acupuncture has been popular, especially with needle phobia patients and with children. The multi-channel laser needles not only have proven acupuncture effects but also has therapeutic effects.

Feng Zhi Chao Acupuncture in London, what is the best acupuncture treatment.

Auricular acupuncture treatment by FZ Chao

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