Chinese Classical Acupuncture

The combination of traditional Chinese Medical Acupuncture and Five Elements Acupuncture


The word of Acupuncture is derived from Latin words means to penetrate (puncture) with needle (acus). Needle acupuncture is the original traditional Chinese acupuncture method. It is still the most popular and effective method to treat a majority of illnesses. 


Acupuncture works to balance the body and so the exact same treatment can be used to treat two different problems and deliver the same results. For example, one patient has high acidity in the stomach and acupuncture can bring the levels down to normal. Another patient may be treated for low acid levels in the stomach by the same treatment and this time the acid levels will increase to normal.


The acupuncture needle is not much thicker than a human hair and is made of stainless steel. Feng uses sterilised and single use needles only. Most of the time patients cannot even tell the needle has been inserted. The number of needles required for each treatment will vary, most patients require 8-16 needles, although some may only need one or two needles. To achieve the best results it is more important to select the correct acupuncture points. A skilled acupuncturist often uses as few needles as possible to get the best results. The needles are commonly left in the body for 20-35 minutes.


The acupuncture points are on the meridians which has been recorded thousands of years ago. There are believed to be over 2,000 different acupuncture points that lie along the body's meridians. Acupuncture needles can stimulate these points to relieves obstructions in the flow of energy and restore the body to good health.  For example, for the control of acute asthma, it has been shown to increase lung oxygen absorption by an extra 10 litres per minute if the needle is in the right place.  


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