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The First Multi-channel Laserneedle Acupuncture in London

- safer, pain free and long lasting acupuncture effects for adult and children.

We are proud to offer laser needle acupuncture, a revolutionary treatment method that uses multichannel low level laser technology to stimulate acupuncture points. This method was invented by the award-winning Prof. Dr. Detlef Schikora in Germany, and we are grateful for his guidance and expertise in our work.

Our laser needle acupuncture is the only method that combines visible and non-visible light in each channel, allowing for stimulation of various acupuncture points simultaneously, and with varying depths of light. This unique benefit is similar to traditional acupuncture therapy methods, but without the use of needles.

Our laser acupuncture therapy is pain-free, non-invasive, and safe for both children and adults. It only requires gentle direct contact on the body surface, making it an excellent option for individuals who have a fear of needles or require quick results. It is particularly effective in pain control and has been proven to be superior to traditional acupuncture in some cases. It is also highly recommended for the treatment of conditions such as children's asthma, high blood pressure, and wounds, bone, and nerve healing.

Low-level laser light therapy has been shown to provide numerous benefits, including stimulating acupressure points to clear blockages, accelerating the healing of wounds, reducing pain, repairing tissue, rejuvenating the skin, improving blood flow, eliminating some viral diseases, reducing allergic rhinitis and other allergies, boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and correcting imbalances in the bio-magnetic energy field.

Research has demonstrated that biologically active points respond more readily to low energy laser therapy than to electro-acupuncture or traditional needle acupuncture. The effects of laser acupuncture are more profound and last longer, making it an excellent option for patients who prefer longer time periods between individual sessions of acupuncture.


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At our clinic, we offer safe and pain-free low-level laser needle acupuncture treatments for adults and children that provide longer lasting effects than traditional acupuncture methods. Contact us today to schedule your laser acupuncture session and experience the benefits of this innovative treatment method.

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