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Our PEMF Therapy Special Features


PEMF wave bands including Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta and Schumann frequency.

We choose different wave based on individual needs and on body biological rhythm or circadian rhythm  to achieve the best results possible.




 Schumanns resonance, Brain waves and its effects on our health:

What is Schumanns Resonance?

Schumanns Resonance Effect on Human Health

Human Brain Waves

Body Biorhythm Clock/Circadian Rhythm 

In the morning the setting is primarily beta wave for energy and alertness. towards the evening and before bed time, theta and delta setting are used for deep relaxation and sleep.

The clock in our genes and in every cell of your body

"Keep in synch, get enough sleep, and you will be smarter, thinner, and happier" 

Joseph S. Takahashi, Ph.D

Lights Out: Sleep is Still the Best Medicine

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