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Your First Acupuncture Appointment

What is the acupuncture treatment plan?

The only standard treatment you should expect from your first consultation is to be treated as unique. Each patient arrives with their own questions about acupuncture and how it might help their specific situation. What is most important is that you should feel relaxed about going forward with the treatment plan I devise for you.

We will discuss your concerns about your fertility, assess your health history and I will address all of your questions. It is important to bring along information about fertility test results you may have had, plus a list of medication and supplements that you take, even if they seem irrelevant. The aim is to formulate an individual treatment plan for you.​

If you decide that you want to try acupuncture, your first session will immediately follow the consultation.

What should I ware while having acupuncture treatment?

Ideally, you should wear loose clothing.

Should I have acupuncture treatment before or after a meal?

Ideally, try to avoid eating a large meal or drink strong coffee or alcohol prior to treatment.

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