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AI-MedGuide Service: Enhancing Patient Care by Bridging Western and Chinese Medicine

Updated: Jun 18

At Dr. Chao's Clinic, we are committed to enhancing patient care by blending the best of Western and Chinese medicine. Our latest innovation, the AI-MedGuide Service, is designed to offer comprehensive insights and ensure no detail is overlooked in your medical care. The AI-MedGuide Service uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze medical records, providing valuable observations and suggestions to support your doctor in making more informed decisions. It also guides our holistic treatment direction, making our care even more focused and effective.

Why AI-MedGuide?

Many patients come to us because they haven't found clear answers through conventional medical routes. Sometimes, diagnoses are unclear, and investigations may not be thorough enough. This is where our new service comes into play, providing valuable additional insights based on your medical data.

How Does It Work?

  • Patient Consent and Data Security: With your consent, we input your medical records into our advanced AI system. We prioritize your privacy and data security to ensure your information is safe.

  • AI Analysis: The AI system analyzes the data and provides observations and suggestions. It’s important to note that these are not diagnoses but insights to help your doctor make more informed decisions.

  • Expert Review: Dr Chao, a seasoned surgeon in both Eastern and Western medicine who also holds a PhD in Medicine from Edinburgh University, will review these AI-generated insights. She will add additional information and clinical examination to ensure they are accurate and relevant. She interprets the findings and shares them with your doctor to assist in your care.

Benefits of Our Service

  • Comprehensive Care: By combining AI insights with holistic and conventional treatments, we can offer a truly comprehensive approach to healthcare.

  • Collaborative Approach: Initially, we used AI to improve our holistic therapy approaches. We soon realized the potential to collaborate with doctors, providing even better medical care.

  • Focused Treatment Plans: This service helps ensure your treatment plan is as focused and effective as possible, improving your prognosis and overall health.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to helping you achieve the best possible health outcomes. Our innovative approach leverages the latest technology and combines it with traditional wisdom to provide you with exceptional care.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our AI-MedGuide Service, please contact us by email:

Thank you for trusting us with your health. We look forward to working together to improve your well-being.


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